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Welcome to the very beginning of Last Train to Old Town. New pages go up on Wednesdays. Enjoy!

  1. Neil:

    Did you use a reference for these panels?


    • Kenan:

      I climbed onto my mom’s roof in the suburbs where I grew up to sketch some rooftop and snap some photos, which definitely influenced this page.

      But the resulting town is no place in particular, a combination of my hometown in New Jersey and a lot of places I’ve canvassed for political campaigns, including Denver and Pennsylvania’s Leheigh Valley.


  2. Keera Bhandari:

    Kenan, I love these panels they are so beautiful.


  3. I didn’t know you were working on a longer comic. I read the first six pages, I found out via twitter, then I immediately ordered a copy before you start doing the math and charging more money. It looks beautiful. You’re using techniques that could only be done in comics. Wonderful. Love the character designs too, I can’t wait to read more of the story.


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