Book Party revisited

Kenan Rubenstein signing Last Train to Old Town, Chapter One

[ photos by Lauren Heanes. ]

By all accounts and any metric, the book party went well. The wine got drunk. The jokes got laughs. The books got bought, and signed. I can’t thank you all enough for coming to play comics with us, and WORD, for giving us a basement to overrun.

For those that missed it, or those eager to relive that historic evening, I am happy to be able to offer you the following iPhone videos of our readings/presentations/fireside chats (courtesy of Andrea and Alexander, who I imagine are still resting their arms after the strain of this undertaking).

Andrea Tsurumi reads from and discusses Zootrope, Over Here, and various new projects:

Alexander Rothman carves out his place in the rich history of graphic poetry:

I walk you through the process by which a page of Old Town is made:

You’ll have to turn up the volume, though, because man am I a mumbler.

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