Topic: Andrea Tsurumi

I Don’t Belong Here.

“Two weeks ago I came here to see Harvey Kurtzman,” my buddy Mike Hunchback told me upon entering the lobby, “and now I’m here to see you.” This was more or less the theme of Wednesday evening, when the exhibition of work by the 2013 MoCCA Award of Excellence honorees opened in the glossy red second floor gallery at Manhattan’s … Continue reading

Book Party revisited

[ photos by Lauren Heanes. ] By all accounts and any metric, the book party went well. The wine got drunk. The jokes got laughs. The books got bought, and signed. I can’t thank you all enough for coming to play comics with us, and WORD, for giving us a basement to overrun. For those that missed it, or those … Continue reading

Indie Comics Night at WORD

We’re having a book party! Tomorrow (Thursday)! We’re taking over the infamous basement of Brooklyn’s beloved WORD bookstore, right here in Greenpoint, at 7:00 p.m. I’ll be walking you through the creation of a page of Old Town. And I’m like 65% confident I’ll finally have some books on hand to sign and sell. [ Right: Word bookstore, Greenpoint, by … Continue reading
Mail Comic by Cara Bean

Real actual mail
Wherein we examine some unusually delightful books that have lately arrived, bury an important announcement two-thirds of the way down, offer our gratitude to you, the reader, as sincerely as we can, and make a plaintive plea of the national postal service.

There’s been a lot of unusual post showing up around here. I opened my mailbox a few days ago* to find the above envelope from Cara Bean. And while there was a photocopied form letter inside the envelope, in this case, the packaging itself was the parcel. That’s original art on there, one of fifty panels sent out to fifty … Continue reading