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I was thinking a lot about Mister Phil’s interview with Sarah Oleksyk while working on this page, specifically their discussion of how her incredible book Ivy renders the social striations of adolescence, and the unthinking treacheries they enable, or maybe encourage, or maybe demand.

I was also thinking, more obviously if somewhat less influentially, about Mean Girls, and Eleanor Davis‘s delightful little riff on Mean Girls toward the beginning of The Secret Science Alliance, and, you know, high school itself, which I suppose will continue to haunt anything I try to make, and any thought I dare to think.

  1. Kate Brideau:

    Kenan, this looks amazing! And so does the book itself (at least in photograph and video form). Also, Neil is full of those kinds of punched in the stomach by random jerks kinds of stories, you might want to pick his brain for future chapters. Looking forward to the rest of this comic.


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